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Hernando's ministry coaching, his knowledge of the Word, his compassionate and humble manner are all unique characteristics of someone called to disciple others. His true desire to do God's will and his testimony are powerful examples of what God can do in someone's life. I always enjoy learning and gleaning more from the Word and learning more about my Savior, Jesus Christ, with Hernando's help and guidance. 

Keith Edmunds


“I have really appreciated my time with Hernando. My desire is to have a personal relationship with Christ and not just settle for an academic understanding. Hernando has helped, taught and encouraged me to experience the presence and power of Christ’s life within me every day. Hernando’s discipleship is very scriptural and Holy Spirit directed which teaches and demonstrates to a person that Christ can impart to us what He says in His Word. I appreciate Hernando’s commitment to see me walk humbly and victoriously with Christ every day.”

Randy Berry


“Hernando’s ministry, with it’s emphasis on scriptural truth, led me to a deeper understanding of my identity and helped me see the truth of who I really am versus what seems right or what the world says. His passion for truth and for teaching and sharing God’s divine word helped me build a stronger foundation for my faith. As a result, I can now help others with similar questions, so the disciple process continues as God would have it. I’d encourage anyone searching for a stronger faith foundation and desiring of a replicable faith to consider supporting Hernando’s ministry and being a part of one of his groups or coaching sessions.”
Bill Stark


“What I appreciate most about Hernando is his gentle and humble wisdom. He has a comforting way of opening up God’s truths in a new, setting-you-free way. On more occasions than I can recall, Hernando has brought new joys into my life by helping me see God’s Word in a very personal and life-changing way.”
Richard Brewer



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